Water-based Adhesive (High viscosity, thickener added)/ WPU-70-17GHW

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    • Use:Footwear & Leather

    Key Features

    Water-based Adhesive (High viscosity, thickener added)/ WPU-70-17GHW



    • Solid Content: 45±2%
    • Viscosity: 1900-6000 cps (VT-04/25℃)
    • High bonding strength
    • Long tack time and pot life
    • Excellent water, yellowing and heat resistance
    • Easy operation


    WPU-70-17GHW is suitable to be used as shoe adhesive for bonding RB, leather, phylon, synthetic, PU foam, etc. It can add thickener to increase the viscosity. It can add 3% - 5% Hardener.
    Physical Property
    AppearanceMilky white dispersion
    Viscosity1900~6000 cps (VT-04/25℃)
    DensityApprox. 1.10 g/cm3
    Minimum Activation Temperature55-65℃(CNS method)
    Solid Content45±2%
    Main ComponentPU resin
    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
    1. Long tack time, excellent bonding strength.
    2. Long pot life, easy to use.
    3. Great heat, water and yellowing resistance.
    4. Water is used as diluent, and low environmental pollution.
    1. The containers must be kept tightly sealed, otherwise evaporization of water leads to the formation of a film which is not redispersible.
    2. Temperature above 40℃ must be avoided.
    3. The product is sensitive to frost, and must therefore not be stored at temperature below 5℃. It’s not possible to thaw the product after freezing.
    4. WPU-70-17GHW can be stored at 5-40℃ for 6 months in original sealed containers.
    20kg/pail or 200kg/drum.

    https://www.taiwanpu.com/productInfo/Water-based Adhesive (For Shoes-Economical grade)/Water-based Adhesive (High viscosity, thickener added) WPU-70-17GHW

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