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Urethane Rubber
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    • Health hazard :None
    • Storage stability :Excellent
    • ML 1-4 at 100℃ :35-65
    • Mooney : viscosity
    • Chemical type :Polyester urethane
    • Odor :Faint, characteristic
    • Color :White to cream
    • Physical form :Solid
    • Specific gravity :1.15

    Key Features

    + Urethane Rubber

    + Millable PU

    + Millable Polyurethane Rubber

    + Millable Urethane

    + Polyurethane Mold Rubbers



    • Hardness: 50-90A
    • Appearance: White to cream color solid
    • Can be processed by conventional rubber manufacturing equipment
    • Harmless to human beings


    Seal, seal material. mechanical shock buffer material and parts of electronics industries and so on.
    UR SERIES is Polyester urethane rubber, which is an easy to process millable gum especially developed for improved compounding and processing benefits. It can be processed and compounded by the use of conventional rubber manufacturing equipment and techniques to yield finished urethane parts.
    Technical Data
    Chemical typePolyester urethane
    Physical formSolid
    ColorWhite to cream
    OdorFaint, characteristic
    Specific gravity1.15
    Mooney viscosity (ML 1-4 at 100℃)35-65
    Storage stabilityExcellent
    Health hazardNone
    Typical Physical Properties
    Series UR.MPU50MPU60MPU70MPU80MPU90
    Hardness, Shore A5060708090
    Tensile Strength, psi39003360282018301100
    300% Modulus, psi48058011001400900
    Elongation, %700640600420310
    Tear ( Die C) pli180220245270165
    Compression Set 22hts. @ 158℉4962709698
    Compounds of URETHANE RUBBER can be molder by compression, injection and transfer molding procedures. Excellent mold definition is obtainable in press cures. The linear shrinkage of vulcanized of UR varies somewhat with the type of loading, but in general this value is approximately 1.5%, which is comparable to that of neoprene.

    Optimum press cures are obtained with peroxide curing system, temperatures from 305℉ to 340℉ with cycles ranging from 4 to 5 minutes.

    Excellent mold release is provided by lubricant or silicone mold release lubricants, but indiscriminate use can cause poor flow and knitting problems.
    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.

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