PUR Adhesive (RPU-26-16DC)

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RPU-26-16DC (water-repellent treatment fabric: 5 grade)
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    Key Features

    RPU-26-16DC (water-repellent treatment fabric ≧ 5 grade)



    • 100% solid content
    • Good initial bonding strength
    • Good hydrolysis resistance
    • Good weather resistance
    • Outstanding breathing ability
    • Excellent washing resistance
    • Solvent-free Eco-friendly



    It can be used for fabric/fabric, TPU film lamination.
    Technical Product Data
    Appearancelight yellow semi-transparent liquid
    Viscosity3500 ± 300 cps/105℃(Brookfield DV-II +,Sp.27, 50RPM)
    Solid Content100%
    ComponentPU Prepolymer
    * These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specification.
    RPU-26-16DC is solvent-free reactive PU hot-melt adhesive, and it can be used for fabric/fabric、TPU film lamination. RPU-26-16DC has excellent initial bonding strength especially for weather resistance, water-repellent treatment fabric (≧5 grade), hydrolysis resistance, wash resistance and breathing ability. Operation temperature is about 90 ~105℃, and the final bonding strength will be attained the above chart after 3 days.
    Operation process
    1. Melt RPU-26-16DC by hot-plate with 110-120℃, and then pump the glue on the roller (which temperature is 90-100℃)to coat glue on the textile for the fabric/fabric lamination.
    2. After lamination, it must be stayed 2-3 days for entirely curing.
    1. RPU-26-16DC must be stored in the iron can, and should be sealed tightly to avoid moisture.
    2. RPU-26-16DC should be stored at temperature (< 40℃) and ventilating area.

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