PUR Adhesive (RPU-26-16C)

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RPU-26-16C (water-repellent treatment fabric: 3 grade)
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    Key Features

    RPU-26-16C (water-repellent treatment fabric: 4 grade)


    • 100% solid content
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Good hydrolysis resistance
    • Great yellowing resistance
    • High bonding performance
    • High temperature resistance
    • Solvent-free Eco-friendly


    This grade is reactive hot melt adhesive. It can be applied on the lamination of textile, textile/TPU film…etc.
    Technical Product Data
    AppearanceSemi-yellowish, half transparent and half solid form (at room temperature)
    Viscosity3250-3800 cps (105℃, Brookfield DV-II +,Sp.27, 50RPM)
    Solid content100%
    ComponentPolyurethane resin
    * These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specification.
    RPU-26-16C is non-solvent environmental PU based moisture reactive hot melt adhesive. It can be applied on the lamination of textile, textile/TPU film…etc. According to the water repellent treatment material, it has the great bonding strength, viscosity, water resistance and resists chemical, yellowing, water hydrolysis and high temperature (< 120℃). The water-repellent treatment fabric is 4 grade. Thus, its lowest operation temperature is 100-120℃, and its curing curve is as above.
    The table of the solvent resistance is as below.
    **The bonded textiles are put into the above different solvents at the room temperature for more than 2 weeks. The bonded textiles are not peeled off.
    Operation process
    1. Use heating plate to heat reactive hot melt adhesive RPU-26-16C at 90-120℃ to melt the glue, and suck to the heating roller, then spray to laminate.
    2. You can also use the point spray way to process, depending upon the need.
    3. After process, you need to leave it behind for 2-3 days to wait for its curing.
    Notice of reactive hot melt adhesive
    1. RPU-26-16C needs to be stored inside the metal drum, and needs to be secluded the water completely. You need to cover the top of drum to prevent the water from entering.
    2. RPU-26-16C needs to be stored at well ventilating environment at room temperature (5-25℃), and its shelf life can be up to 6 months.
    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens

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