PU Prepolymer

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polyester+MDI (CPU-MS-1070)
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    Key Features

    + PU Casting Elastomer Prepolymer

    + Casting PU

    + PU Casting Prepolymer

    + Castable PU

    + PU (Polyurethane) prepolymer for casting polyurethane elastomer parts

    + Cast Polyurethane Resin

    + Castable Polyurethane

    + PU prepolymer for casting

    + PU elastomer Prepolymer

    + Casting PU Resin

    + Casting PU Prepolymer

    + Casting PU Elastomer



    • Hardness: 70-95A
    • Curing agent: 14BDO
    • Good elasticity
    • Good oil resistance
    • Good mechanical property


    Bushes, Castor Wheels, Couplings, Conveyor Rollers, Cutting Boards, Fork-lift Tyres, Gears, Grading Screens, Pneumatic and Oil Seals, Scrapers, Skate Wheels, Wire Guides.
    "PU Casting Elastomer" urethane elastomer can be cured by reacting with a polyamine or a polyol hardener. The molding process is composed of pre-heating, degassing, mixing with a hardener, pouring into the mold, curing, demolding and post curing.
    Hardness (Shore A)70 ± 380 ± 290 ± 295 ± 2
    NCO Content (%)5.7 ± 0.26.4 ± 0.27.9 ± 0.29.3 ± 0.2
    Viscosity, Poise (100℃)----
    1.4 Butane Diol (pph)5.816.538.99.45
    Working Temperature(Prepolymer) (℃)100100100100
    Pot-Life (Min)
    Tensile Strength (psi)2900-36003100-41004600-55007100-8800
    Elongation (%)870-1010740-960650-870560-730
    Tear Strength (pli)360-440440-520580-670430-500
    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.

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