Polyurethane base EPDM granule binder

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    • Use:Construction
    • NCO content (%):1±0.5
    • Color :yellowish
    • Density at 25℃ ( g/cm3 ):1.08
    • Viscosity at 25℃ (cps ):3500±500
    • Flash point (℃):> 200

    Key Features

    +PU binder

    +Polyurethane binder

    +Rubber crumb binder

    +EPDM granule binder

    +Rubber tile binder

    +Running track binder

    +MDI based PUR binder

    +Moisture curing PU binder

    +1K PU binder

    +Polyurethane resin binder

    +PU resin binder



    • MDI base PU binder
    • Solvent free
    • NCO: 12±0.5
    • Vulcanization temperature: 120-160℃
    • Demold time: 30-50 min. 
    • Good bonding performance


    APU-7-800H is high temperature / pressure curing one component PU binder for chip foam binding. This rubber floor binder is suitable to make rubber crumb tiles for playground, running track and so on.
    APU-7-800H is a rubber floor binder with PUR prepolymer containing isocyanate groups on the basic of MDI (diphenyl methane diisocyanate).
    Technical Data
    PropertyUnitMeasured value
    Density at 25℃g/cm31.08
    Viscosity at 25℃cps600 - 1200
    Flash point > 200
    NCO content12±0.5
    Process method
    Depending on the granular size, add 7 - 15 % by weight APU-7-800H to granular. After fully mixing, pour PU binder compound into molds. Then vulcanize under 120 - 160℃ and pressure. Depending on the temperature and pressure, demold time will be 30-50 min.
    20 kg red tin.
    APU-7-800H, rubber floor binder, is sensitive to humidity and should always be kept in sealed drums.
    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.


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    https://www.taiwanpu.com/productInfo/Rubber Crumb Adhesive/APU-7-800H (Demold time: 30-50 min)

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