Multi-Colored Ribbon Tubing, Twin Welding Tube

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Twin Welding Tube
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    • Color:Black,Blue,Colored,Gray,White,Green,Orange,Purple,Red,Transparent,Yellow

    Key Features

    + Twin Welding Tube  
    + Double welding tube 
    + Double PU welding tube 
    + Multi-bore 95A Tubing
    + PU Two-Rows Hose 
    + Multi-bore polyurethane tubing






    • Heat bonding process allows you to easily hand separate tubing for routing.
    • Recommended for use with barb fittings
    • Withstands the rigors of flexing and rough handling
    • Tubes can be stacked into many configurations





    For routing two or more lines in a fluid handling control system.  This tube is ideal for color coding your lines for the purpose of identification, tracing or troubleshooting.  And offer faster installation times and eliminates the need for spiral wrap or jacketing.   A unique heat bonding process allows the tubing to be hand separated for routing.  




    Material: polyether or polyester PU  

    Color: Any color is available  

               (Use multiple colors in any combination)

    Size: All customized sizes are available


    (Mix or match tube sizes; bond 2 to 20 tubes,up to 3.5" wide)



    Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.

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