Medical orthopedic thermoplastic splint

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    • Appearance:White smooth sheet
    • Biocompatible:Yes
    • Density:1.32 g/cm3
    • Fatigue cycles:>10,000
    • Hardness:53 Shore D
    • Odor:None
    • Size:60.5 x 45.5 cm
    • Thickness:3 mm

    Key Features

    Description of thermoplastic splint


    TPU-42-F21E is low temperature thermoplastic splint and designed for external fixation device of correction and rehabilitation. This thermoplastic splint is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. It can be softened by heat and directly used on patient body for molding. The thermoplastic splint is breathable, light, easily wearable and safe to human skin. 


    Caution: TPU-42-F21E is not suitable for invasive treatment. 


    Suggested processing condition

    Optimum activation temperature

    (in water bath)


    Activation time

    1 – 2 min

    Working time

    2.5 – 3 min

    Hardening time

    6 – 6.5 min

    Time to completion

    21 – 22 min


    Storage of thermoplastic splint

    • The thermoplastic splint can be stored vertically or horizontally. Vertically storage is better.  
    • Thermoplastic splint must be stored in shady, dry and cool place. The suggested temperature is 10-30℃. Avoid direct sunlight. If thesplint is exposed under the direct sunlight, it will cause deterioration and to break easily.



    Softening process of thermoplastic splint

    • Thermoplastic splint can be softened by heat at temperature over 65℃. The suggested heating tools include temperature controllable water bath, heating plate, hot-air oven, heat gun, etc. Depending on different heating tools, the softening time is about 1-3 minutes. 
    • Higher heating temperature (i.e. 120℃) doesn’t destroy thermoplastic splint, but it may scald patient. The suggested heating temperature is 70-80℃.
    • If processed in hot water bath, the water should be distilled water or soft water. 



    • Don’t heat the thermoplastic splint over 250℃ because it will deteriorate the splint.
    • Don’t heat the thermoplastic splint by direct fire. It will cause combustion. 



    4 pieces / per carton 

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    • Minimum Order:4 Piece(s)