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    • Hardness: 80D
    • Mixing ratio: 1:2
    • Pot life: 15min
    • High transparency
    • Non-yellowing



    CPU-105-278C-A/B can be applied to various substrates. Its applications include molding models, doming decals, nameplates and ornaments, and encapsulating electronic parts.


    Technical Product Data





    Clear to slightly yellow tint

    Clear liquid

    Ultimate hardness

    78±3 Shore D (post conditioning at RT for 3 days)

    Mixing ratio by weight

    CPU-105-278C-A (Polyol):CPU-105-278C-B (Iso) = 1:2

    Vacuum degassing time

    3~4 min

    Pot life

    (from mixing A/B to non-flowing)

    15 min at RT

    Tack free time

    2 hr at RT

    Mixing time

    30 sec

    Low temperature curing condition

    12 hr at 40~50℃or 24 hr at RT

    ** These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are      not considered part of the product specification.



    CPU-105-278C-A and CPU-105-278C-B are two-component aliphatic polyurethane polyol mix and isocyanate mix, respectively, without solvent or plasticizer. The resultant elastomer is crystal clear and flexible in nature for doming, coating, encapsulation application, and has good adhesion to various substrates.

    Thanks to its specially designed molecular structure, this product has excellent weather resistance and non-yellowing property.

    This product complies with RoHS and does not have heavy metals.



    20kg/drum or 200kg/drum.


    To avoid the moisture in the air, CPU-105-278C-A and CPU-105-278C-B should be stored in closed containers at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.


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